The Most Extreme Sports - X Type Games


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Beginnings of X Games


The sports channel ESPN brought x type games into vogue when it first broadcasted the midwest motor sports in 1995. It was also hosted by the ABC channel that was known as the sister channel of ESPN. The first session of X games was held in the summer but gradually the popularity of the series also drove it to a winter session since the year 2002. The x games got a lot of media hype, thanks to its huge sponsors and the star athletes who participated in it. it is a four-day event that was attended by a mere 38000 audiences in 1994, the year it was inaugurated. And by 2001, it had 83500 audiences which shows the steep rise in the popularity of the events till today.

Which Sports are in the X games?


The different type of sports that are performed in the x games are broadly divided between the Summer x games and the Winter x games. Let's talk about both separately.

Summer x games events comprise of:

  1. Flat Track: this is a competitive track racing that is exclusive to America
  2. Moto X: which is further categorized into Moto X Best Whip, Quarterpipe, Freestyle, Best Trick and Step Up
  3. Skateboarding: this is further categorized into Skateboard Vert, Skateboard Park for men, and same for women, Skateboarding Street League style, SLS Select Series, Skateboard Street for women, Big Air
  4. BMX Freestyle: this is further categorized into Vert, Park, Street, Big Air, and Dirt
  5. Real Video Series: they are Real Surf, Women, Street, Moto
  6. Red Bull Phenom: this is a typically sponsored event with Skateboard Street, BMX Street
  7. Esports: X games also conducts esports like MLG Call of Duty and MLG Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What sports are in the Winter X Games?


Like summer games, x games also conduct the winter games that are equally popular if not more. These games have further subcategories and they are:

  1. Skiing: skiing is the most popular among all the winter sports and is followed by the entire world. even the Olympics could not help put skiing in their list of sports in the winter Olympics. the skiing event in x games has many subcategories of games under it like Ski Big Air, Ski Slopestyle for men and women separately, Ski Superpipe for men and women,
  2. Snowboarding: snowboarding as an event too has multiple events under it like Big Air, Slopestyle for men and women, Superpipe for men and women, Snowboard X for men and women,
  3. Snowmobile: this is further subcategorized into Freestyle, Speed & Style, Snocross, Snocross Adaptive
  4. Real Video Series: these video series are divided into Snow, Snow Backcountry, Ski Backcountry

X-Games in China 2019


The latest chapter of the x games in 2019 was held in shanghai china. The event was a massive hit. The major sports channels ESPN and REnextop collaborated for the first time in the history of x games. it was held in the Shanghai Disney resort on June 1st and 2nd, 2019. Bith the summer and the winter session of x games are to be hosted by China in the year 2019. The highlights of the event were the same as quoted above.