The name x games come from the idea of extreme games. These games might be fatal, but who cares? Unless sports challenges the adrenaline rush of the audience, it is not quite a sports. And guess what? It is all legal. After all, entertainment and fun have to be legal. The ESPN channel, the veteran sports channel of all times came up with this unique idea of entertainment in 1994. Since then it has been a major hit among the audiences all over the world. The sports betting sites took utmost advantage of its popularity.

What are the X- Games Events?

The X games events are conducted twice in a year, once in summer and again in winter, for a total of 4 days. The summer games comprise of events like

  1. Flat Track: it is a type of speed racing that is very popular in America
  2. Moto X: is a bike racing sport which looks pretty dangerous yet exciting
  3. Skateboarding: unlike the winter sport, this is done on dry terrains
  4. BMX Freestyle: the cycling race that is conducted in different categories for men and women
  5. Real Video Series: this series is exclusive to x games
  6. Red Bull Phenom: exclusively meant for the riders and the skaters
  7. Esports: the extreme games like MLG Call of Duty and MLG Counter-Strike are part of this mega event.

The winter games comprise of events like:

  1. Skiing: one of the most significant sports in the winter is skiing which is loved by the whole world
  2. Snowboarding: snowboarding is the winter version of skateboarding
  3. Snowmobile: also known as snow biking defines biking on snow.

How Can you Bet on X-Games?

Betting on x games is easy with the legal online casinos which is the best way. Although it can be easily done on sports betting sites, and it is all legal, what gives the online casinos one extra point over the sports betting sites is the casino bonus. The casino bonus can be given in the form of a welcome bonus or no deposit bonus. This gives you the freedom to bet on your favorite sports without spending any money from your pocket with the bonus and win real money. Other than sports betting you can also play legal casino games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and slot games. Poker is such an eminent game, which you can try it today, free of charge!

Read The Betting Odds

In order to make the most of the betting odds in the x games, it’s important to research well before placing your bets. Know well about the sports and the teams and the players so that the luck be on your side.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

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