X Summer Games: top 7 of the best times in history

For 23 years, The X Games have been the rhythm of the lives of the champions of skate, BMX, motocross and many others.

On the occasion of this summer’s edition, which will run from Friday 20 July to Sunday 22, we propose you a Florilege of the most important moments of this unmissable competition.

In 1995, the inaugural Extreme Games taking place in the city of Newport, Rhode Island, USA. It was the focus of margin sports, which corresponded perfectly to such margin sports as skateboarding, parachuting, downhill luge racing, bungee jumping, and BMX. The first critics considered these X Games more like stressful acrobatics and challenging gravity than Real sports. But the audience fell in love with this new type of alternative athlete and their lunatic cheekiness. The original sponsors were all that the skater needed: Mountain Dew, Taco Bell, and Advil.

Four years later, in 1999, Tony Hawk posed the first 900 ever skateboard. It was at the best Tricks competition for skateboarders. Hawk made ten untenable attempts, slipping every time on his front desk. Although he did not succeed in pulling him back in the time allotted, the judges gave him an additional chance. It is after long suspense that he finally rested this legendary figure that allowed him to win this edition.

In 2000, Dave Mirra became the first rider to do a double backflip in BMX during the X Games. He fell down a green ramp almost 7 meters high to accumulate enough speed, turned around to do this trick for which he had prepared himself for a long time and effortlessly launched this figure which will transform this run into a legendary memory for the BMX.

In 2003, 13-year-old Ryan Sheckler won the park skateboard challenge with a smile that still features braces. He became the youngest gold medalist in the history of the X Games. He later had his show on MTV, appeared in a Justin Bieber music video and continued to win medals on competitions. The long-time fans of the competition could see it grow over the years. He retained the recodmand title until 2017 when Brighton Zeuner won the park event on his 13th birthday.

In 2009, Ashley Fiolek became the first deaf athlete to win a medal on the X Games as she won the first-ever motocross event in the event’s history. His explosive beginnings in a competition inspired a whole generation of handi-athletes. Her very famous friendship with Iranian motocross rider Noora Naraghi encouraged many women around the world to continue extreme sports.

The BMX freestyle star Garrett Reynolds was the first rider in the X Games to win four gold medals in 2012. He took a break taking only second place on the podium the following year, but quickly got back on track afterward and regained his place as the winner in 2014. He is still considered one of the best BMX riders in the world today.

2017: at this time skateboard master Bob Burnquist retired during the X Games at the age of forty. He had accumulated thirty medals, including 14 gold medals, which made him the most decorated athlete of the X Games. The Brazilian got a medal in every skateboard discipline, even though he was the undisputed king of the Big Air.