Jeeps Motorcycle Club

Mid America Powersports sponsors race night at Jeeps Cycle Club!

We are proud sponsors for several races a year at Jeeps Cycle Club in Valley Center, Kansas. Come by and check out our booth when we are there.

ATV Safety Institute
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Motorcycle Training Cpecialists

Motorcycle Training Specialists, Inc. and TeachMeToRide, are the result of a partnership that realized the need to make motorcycle safety class easily available to all the people of Kansas. Knowing there are motorcyclist and people who want to become motorcyclist all over Kansas, we decided to reach out to all communities in Kansas and bring our service to them.

The leadership and RiderCoaches involved with Motorcycle Training Specialists, Inc. have been teaching for a long time. Collectively, we have over 116 years of experience with MSF courses. We offer you the most experienced staff providing rider education in the state. We look forward to providing you the most up-to-date courses available from MSF.

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ROK — Riders of Kawasaki
Honda Rider’s Club of America